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Molded Specialties


Clean Seal Molded Specialties stocks many standard parts for fast order completion and delivery.  We currently stock or have access to close to 500 molded products.  Our extensive product line includes


•  Rubber Grommets   •  Grommet Bumpers  •  Dock Bumpers

•  Recessed Bumpers  •  Stem Bumpers  •  Stick-On Bumpers

•  Extruded Bumpers  •  O-Rings  •  Lab Stoppers  •  Bushings

•  Suction Cups  •  Vibration Mounts  •  Crutch Tips

•  Extruded Shapes  •  Mil Spec Grommets

•  Stud, Feet, and Mounts


With each of our stock molded product offerings, there will be a numerous amount of options to choose from including materials, hardness, styles, and even custom colors (This is a custom option. Please call for quote).  Some of our material options include natural rubber, neoprene, SBR, EPDM, and buna-nitrile.


We can also accomadate your custom molded product needs.  Clean Seal specializes in creating custom rubber solutions for many different types of applications with very affordable tooling.

Extruded Plastic



Clean Seal now offers a complete line of thermoplastic parts to its customers for a variety of manufacturing applications.


Extruded plastic parts offer an advantage where a need exists for very high durometer seals or gaskets or unique colors. Some of the applications include drip rails, furnace seals, clips and close-out seals for customers. The parts are commonly used for seals because of their soft, flexible and tactile properties.


Thermoplastic parts are flame retardant, weatherable, resist UV rays and are anti-fungal. Since these parts are custom-made to your specifications, manufacturers of almost any industry can turn to Clean Seal for solutions to their particular thermoplastic needs.


Slide Out Sealing System


With impressive new features unlike any other seal in the marketplace.  Easy to install, more efficient inventory management and cross-platform features.  You no longer have a need to purchase a seal to accommodate different wall thickness or wiper lengths.


For two decades manufacturers have been trying

to develop a sealing system for RV slide outs that

meets the demands of all aspects of the application.

The results have varied and have been cumbersome

at best.  Finally, there is a solution that truly fits all

molds and brings a whole new meaning to cost

effective.  The FLIP-N-SEAL by Clean Seal, Inc. breaks that mold and is THE solution we have all been looking for since the slide out was developed.  With its unique design, only one part is needed to fit all wall thicknesses, gap distances and field replacements industry wide.  The patent pending design provides you with a seal that will be the single most application friendly seal ever developed.  And it’s available NOW!!


OEM’s and Dealers alike have desired a

seal that not only works, but is easier to

inventory, simple to install and easy to

order.  We have taken the

difficulty out of determining

the seal needed for each

separate make, model and floor

plan by creating a single seal to

fit everyone’s needs.  Contact us

today for more details and to

place your order for the best slide out seal to date.

Clean Spring

Spring & Stamping Division


Let Clean Seal, Inc. take the mystery out of understanding and specifying springs.  With our new line of Springs, Clean Seal will be an indispensable source of virtually any kind of spring your products, projects, and applications use.


No  matter what your spring application is, Clean Seal can guide you in the proper direction.  Whether deciding between compression or torsion springs, wave or extension springs, now you can be sure you are making the right choice for your spring application.


Contact Clean Seal today and let us find that perfect spring for your project, or we can quote that product that already uses springs.  Talk with us to save yourself hours of costly downtime by choosing the wrong Spring for the job.

Clean Shield

Clean Shield is a new line of gaskets specifically designed to control or reduce the undesired electromagnetic interface (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from disrupting or radiating from electrical devices. Clean Shield consists of a protective shielding fabric covering the foam profile. The seals are available in strip form or precision die-cut shapes and can include a self-adhesive strip for ease of application.


One of the best ways to protect from unwanted emissions is to contain the noise within an enclosure. The enclosure lid needs to make good contact with the enclosure itself to create a complete conductive path. EMI shields are commonly implemented in a design to isolate one component or section of a device from another. To ensure a reliable and robust electrical seal, an EMI gasket is often incorporated between the shield housing and the nating servace of the device.


Check today to see how Clean Shield can work for you.

3M ST1200 Adhesive

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