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A self-wrapping sleeve designed to provide superior cut-through protection for electrical cables. The tough, multilayer construction enables the product to absorb and disperse energy, thus
preventing damage to the electrical cable inside. This ability to prevent cut-through, has made CrushShield a product of choice
for vehicle manufacturers concerned with isolating HEV cables from the vehicle’s electricity-conducting chassis in crash
situations. It’s lightweight, flexible structure does not impede
cable routing or add unnecessary weight.  CrushShield is available in orange, for identification of the high voltage cables in hybrid-electric vehicles,  it is also available in black.

Fluid Resistance:
Temperature Resistance:

Wire & Cable Protection
Self-extinguishing as Tested to SAE J369
Passes D47 1924 testing
Polyester (PET)  monofilament/multifilament
-40 Degrees F +302 Degrees F Continuous

Both manufacturer and distributor specifically, but not by way of limitation, disclaims any and all liability for the use or performance of the products in any application(s) other than those applications specified for such product(s) in this catalog and any such non-specified use voids any otherwise applicable warranty and is at the purchaser’s sole risk and liability.

*Not Suitable for use with any form of eytholene glycol type engine coolants.
**Not Suitable for gasoline/oil mixed fuels, alcohol blended fuels, or bio-diesel fuel.