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Automotive Hose

Our Molded and Formed Hoses come in a wide range of shapes and size requirements.  These hoses can be made for use in fuel systems meeting the various SAE 30R7, SAE 30R11, SAE 30R9, SAE 30R10, SAE 30R12, SAE 30R14T2, SAE J1527, WSS-M96D33-A12, and other CARB
LEV II fuel ratings required.  Many of the more traditional SAE20R3D2 and the SAE20R1 Class B Engine Coolant Molded or Formed Hoses are also available and can be built for your various requirements.

Please contact your customer service representative for more
details and availability.

Both manufacturer and distributor specifically, but not by way of limitation, disclaims any and all liability for the use or performance of the products in any application(s) other than those applications specified for such product(s) in this catalog and any such non-specified use voids any otherwise applicable warranty and is at the purchaser’s sole risk and liability.

*Not Suitable for use with any form of eytholene glycol type engine coolants.
**Not Suitable for gasoline/oil mixed fuels, alcohol blended fuels, or bio-diesel fuel.