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Automotive Hose

This product is a woven, one-piece fiberglass sleeve that is
bonded with an aluminized heat-seal film.  The sleeve’s smooth
outer surface helps provide improved protection for components
that are exposed to radiant heat.  Providing superior fluid
resistance, Thermal Reflective Sleeve is engineered to protect
hoses and wire harnesses in all automotive vehicle application,
On and Off Highway.

Fluid Resistance:
  Outer Layer:
  Inner Layer:
Temperature Resistance:

Heat Protection
Self-extinguishing as Tested to SAE J369
Passes BH100-003B testing
Tubular with no sew line
 Fiberglass multifilament
-40 Degrees F +392 Degrees F Continuous

Typical Applications
 -  Heater Hoses
 -  Air Conditioning hoses
 -  Brake tubes and hoses
 -  Power steering hoses
 -  Cable assemblies
 -  Wire harnesses

Both manufacturer and distributor specifically, but not by way of limitation, disclaims any and all liability for the use or performance of the products in any application(s) other than those applications specified for such product(s) in this catalog and any such non-specified use voids any otherwise applicable warranty and is at the purchaser’s sole risk and liability.

*Not Suitable for use with any form of eytholene glycol type engine coolants.
**Not Suitable for gasoline/oil mixed fuels, alcohol blended fuels, or bio-diesel fuel.